Nintendo Wii officially at $150 on May 15th

It was expected after Nintendo confirmed the successor of the Wii for 2012 to cut down the price of their current console on the market. So, starting this May 15th Nintendo Wii official retail price is $149.99 in black or white color including Mario Kart Wii and its Wii Wheel accessory, what a great farewell!

On the same date Nintendo will also launch 4 classics for a price of $ 19.99 each. These games are: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess; Animal Crossing: City Folk; Mario Super Sluggers; and Wii Sports.

Wii Wheel also will come separately in black color for $9.99.

Since the rumor that Nintendo would drop the Wii price started all traders began to cut down their inventory price. Amazon has already posted the Nintendo Wii at $169.99.

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