Tapping Into Kindness: The Stranger in Me

The third spot of Tapping Into Kindness, The Stranger in Me, reminds us that when we dislike people, when people irritate us, they could be reflecting aspects of ourselves that we need to recognize, accept, forgive and/or heal. In a nutshell, as the popular saying goes, ‘you spot it, you got it!’ It is easier to perceive in others those characteristics of our own personality that we do not appreciate or accept.

Thus, others become our mirrors and through their presence in our lives we get to know ourselves fully. The inevitable consequence of practicing self-acceptance and compassion is that it increases our ability to cultivate unconditional love for ourselves and others.

The Tapping Into Kindness teachings are very simple, as simple as the greatest revelations we realize throughout our lives. However, these teachings are not easy to practice, because it is not easy to be mindful of our thoughts, feelings and actions in order to be proactive rather than reactive. To choose growth and transformation is not easy but it is worthy –just like giving birth can be difficult and painful but well worthy. The Tapping Into Kindness campaign does not teach us anything, it reminds us what we already know intuitively, that practicing compassion, unconditional love and kindness we can reach the sky while keeping our feet on the ground.

Combining her experience in the world of moving images and her need to share spiritual tools that can make our lives a worthy adventure, Rev. Sonia Echezuría conceived Tapping Into Kindness, a series of 5 spots that help us remember that, when facing challenging situations, we always have the option of breathing, validating our feelings and choosing a kinder response to share with the world. These on-line doses of kindness are posted on YouTube and you can access them by searching ‘Tapping Into Kindness’ in Google and YouTube or by visiting us en.nolapeles, or soniaechezuria.com.

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