what’s design?

A question with many possible answers. Nevertheless, all those answers tend to favor some common principles which should be preserved. Don’t miss this video made by Vostok design Studio which depicts the opinions of many design experts regarding their vision, what they consider their job is and how they think things should work.

Probably, most of people think that design is all about making things look “nice”, and a small part of this is true. However, design implies quite a lot more than just making something look more appealing: smart design is about finding harmony in every single element to achieve a specific goal. If there’s any element which doesn’t have a logical reason for being part of a design besides the fact of making it look “nice”, it’s better to discard such element. These kind of comments and many other relevant observations can be found in the following video.

English translation by Wayka Mariño (Wayvias CEO)

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