Introducing Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player

You could see this coming since Amazon put its cloud computing service online, it seems that all the cloud service experience made possible now to launch these two new tools: Amazon Cloud Drive y Amazon Cloud Player.

Amazon Cloud Drive is like having a “hard drive in the cloud ” to store your music, photos, videos and documents. A hard drive you can access anytime and anywhere with an internet connection available.

This service offers 5 GB capacity for free accounts, then if you need more space you can purchase some plans up to 1000 GB of storage.

Now, if you buy a full album on Amazon MP3 with a free account you will receive as a gift 20 GB free for one year (only for U.S.).

What makes a little different this service from others is that you can store automatically in your Cloud Drive your purchases at Amazon MP3 and then have access to that music via the Amazon Cloud Player, which can be use on PC, Mac and Android devices.

Remember, to access the services all you need is to have an account on the Amazon website.

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