Nintendo 3DS officially launched: Video tour and first games on the market

Today is the launch of Nintendo 3DS, the new portable Nintendo console that enables 3D graphics without glasses. An incredible piece of entertainment  for $250. Check out the official video tour, the first games, and some ‘people reactions’ while playing, find out everything below.

Nintendo 3DS – Video Tour

Nintendo 3DS will be available in cosmo black and aqua blue colors. It comes equipped with two screens, a large 3D display on top and another touchscreen display at bottom. A swith to adjust the depth of 3D or turn it off. It has backwards compatibility with the Nintendo DS. SD slot and includes a 2 GB SD card. The controls are identical to the DS: control pad, buttons A, B, X, Y, L, R, but additionally comes with a home button and a circle analog control. It has 3 cameras, one in front and 2 in the back to shoot 3D pictures. It comes with motion sensor and gyroscope, WiFi LED notification and one for others Nintendo 3DS nearby notification.

Nintendo 3DS – Reactions

Although the intention was good, I think Nintendo is not going to fool us with this video… The actual reactions would have a bit of “Holy Shit!“, “Damn!”, etc. In addition, people usually are not so makeup. 😛

Nintendo 3DS – First Games

There is a good set of lauching games for the Nintendo 3DS. In order of appearance in the video above, we have: Pilowings Resort, Super Street Fighter 4 – 3D Edition, NFL Madden Football, Chronicles SamuraiWarriors, Bust-a-move Universe, Super Monkey Ball 3D, Rayman 3D, Nintendogs +Cats, Asphalt 3D, Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D, Tom Clacy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, PES 2011 Pro Evolution Soccer 3D, The Sims 3, Ridge Racer 3D, Star Wars 3, y Steeldiver.

Nintendo 3DS – Promo

If you are already feeling itchy hands for it, then remember you can buy your Nintendo 3DS on Amazon for $ 249.99.

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