The boy who didn’t let himself be bullied again: Casey Haynes (aka little Zangief)

Casey Haynes is a 16 year-old australian boy who had been bullied and harassed by other boys at his highschool for a long time. However, that went on until last Monday, when tables turned in a rather unexpected way. A little bully was trying to harass Casey, who after being hit a few times retaliated and gave the little abuser what he had coming. This was all recorded and now has become a viral video with multiple versions and remixes including a street fighter-like one which is posted in this article. Now, Casey Haynes has become a sort of underdog hero for kids and young boys who have been bullied.

Thanks to remixes and different versions of the video, such as the one previously shown, Casey has been dubbed as the “little Zangief”, a homage to the popular video game Street Fighter’s character due to the wrestling movement he pulled on the bully. Here’s the original video.

Casey Heynes vs Bully Guy – Original Video

After the video became a sensation, Casey has become a teenage idol: his facebook profile has a huge amount of fans and he also had a tv interview, which you can see below along with the promotional video.

Casey Haynes interview – ACA Promo

Casey Haynes full interiew – ACA

On the other hand, Richard (the little bully harassing Casey), besides getting what he deserved by being tossed against the floor is being repudiated and mocked by millions of people in the internet. I’m pretty sure he won’t be bullying anyone anymore after such a harsh punishment. Here’s a video with some comments by his mother, who even though agrees with the fact that her son got what he had coming, states that things have gone a little too far now that the video has become viral.

It’s our  duty as parents to teach our sons and daughters the importance of moral values, principles and most of all respect for others so they can live properly in society. Kudos for Casey, because even if violence should never be the path to take, submission in the face of bullies and abusive people isn’t either. Now Casey can probably go to school without fear of being bullied by anyone anymore.

English translation by Wayka Mariño (Wayvias CEO)

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