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Now you can have Hangouts on your phone

Google launched Hangouts for devices with Android 2.3+ that have a front facing camera (support for IOS is on the way). The new app is in the Android Market, now you can have hangouts at any time from anywhere.


Google dedicates a doodle to Freddie Mercury

On September 5th, 1946 was born the singer, musician and songwriter, Freddie Mercury, known internationally as leader of the British rock band Queen. His musical legacy is still alive and that is why Google decided to pay tribute to Freddie with a doodle as they has done before with other great personalities. Check the tribute video below.


Google buys Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion

With the idea of promote ​​Android as an open platform and ensure competition against companies like Apple and Microsoft, Google has acquired Motorola Mobility for the amount of $12.5 Billion.


Games in Google+ are rolling out

Google has started to roll out games in their social network project Google+. This was probably the missing touch to give a mortal blow to Facebook, with Google+ Games now available more people will join this network.


How to see YouTube Live on Google+ Hangouts?

YouTube gradually integrates more tightly to the platform of Video Chat Group offered by Google+, including ways to integrate with the hangouts. Seeing the demand to have some hangouts to be “televised” live, Google has begun to integrate their capabilities with live streaming.


Facebook now with Social Hangouts

There is an url that seems to be a ‘hangouts’ experiment for Facebook. The first to introduce this kind of service was Google+ and the response from Facebook then was to show its video call service in partnership with Skype, but there was no comparison, because you could only hold a video chat with one person at a time unlike with Google+ where you can have a conversation with up to 10 people simultaneously.